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Oct 16, 2020

One of the most important things to run a successful business is to have a great company culture. But a great company culture and effective team work does not happen by magic; it starts with a strong leader. It is the responsibility of a leader to create “core values” for his company. When these “core values” are well implemented they create cohesion among team members which ultimately create a great “company culture”.

As a leader you cannot simply hang your values on the wall and expect your employees to follow them. Firstly, employees follow what their leader does, not what he just says. So, a strong leader is the one who himself upholds those core values first and then instills those values in his employees. Secondly, if you are upholding your vales but still there is a strong possibility that your employees will not follow them. It’s because human beings are genetically hardwired to loss interest quickly if there will be no sense accountability. Regular accountability of core values is what brings consistency in teams.

So, if you are a business leader then let your core values blossom in your leadership first and then make your employees abide by those values and then held them accountable as well. This is what my today’s podcast is all about.

Listen to this solo podcast if you are running your own company and struggling with your company culture. I am talking about core values, how they impact company culture, how you can instill core values in your employees, what can be the reasons of a poor company culture etc. I am also sharing stories of some leaders who have created great company culture and I’ll tell you how they are doing that. To know all of this information listen to the whole podcast.

My Services:

Are you struggling with sales department of your company? May be you don’t have the right culture the breads great sales people or you just don’t know how to do more sales. In either case, if you are looking for a sales coach then reach out to me through my social media handles. I am helping companies grow their sales and generate more revenue for themselves.

The Episode Timeline:

[0:00] – Introduction and my social media handles.

[0:35] – What are core values?

[1:16] – How to instill core values in your team?

[2:54] – What creates your company culture?

[3:49] – Reasons of poor company culture.

[4:32] – Examples of good company culture.

[8:55] – If you are a leader and struggling with your company culture, listen to it.

[10:36] – How can I help you in your sales organization?

[11:06] – What you want to learn about sales? Suggestions please.

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