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Dec 14, 2020

In the world of business, your growth depends upon your preparation in every sector of your business. One of the most important sectors of your business that always needs preparation is your sales team and your sales process. Your sales team needs to be well trained on the subject of "sales" and this sales training is not the game of once and for all; you have to consistently train the sales team over and over again to drive the desired results. 

I am The Sales CEO and I help companies and individuals to fill the holes in their sales process. I have been helping people with their sales team, their sales process, and their company culture. Since, I have the authority to talk about sales so here are my few sales tips for you to take your sales to the next level.

  1. If you are a salesperson, follow a definite sales process. First, do some research about your client and his company before meeting him/her. Secondly, ask yourself what you can offer to your client and why he/she should choose you? And thirdly, look at the social cues of your client during the meeting and try to understand your client's concerns. All that means, you need to be socially-aware and self-aware so that you could build a custom plan for your client according to his needs.
  2. Make your client comfortable with you coming into his house and be trustworthy. 
  3. Most of the time your client cannot see the holes in his boat but you as a salesperson can see. So, it's your job to look at the whole picture of your client's problem and solve it as a whole to avoid any inconsistency that can come in the future.
  4. Be aware of your client's needs and wants and offer them what is best for them; not what they think is best and also not what you think will pay you more. 
  5. Be honest and genuine in your dealings. Be the salesperson who wants to enhance his customer's life and it will ultimately give you happiness and also it may pay you back in the form of more referrals in the future. So, you should be wise enough to maintain your honesty and integrity along with selling intelligently.

This is not it, there are many factors that you as a salesperson should count in your sales process to close more deals. So, if you are struggling with your sales team or sales process then I am here to help you. I will help you with your sales team to generate more sales for your company.  

What You Will Learn From This Episode:

In today's episode of the Sales CEO podcast, you will learn some vital sales tips. I am elaborating each sales tip with great examples so that you could understand the idea better. Moreover, I am talking about the importance of sales training, why you should do it consistently, and what if you won't have regular sales training. Also in this episode, you will learn how putting yourself in uncomfortable and difficult situations can help you to be the best in your work and your life. 

The Episode Timeline:

[0:00] – Introduction of Sales CEO.

[0:40] – Importance of having "sales training" over and over again rather than just once.

[3:49] – Sales Tip 1: Fix the problem of your client as a whole. 

[5:02] - Sales Tip 2:  Follow a sales process when you get into your customer's house.

[8:03] – Sales Tip 3: Put yourself in uncomfortable situations to prepare yourself to handle your clients. 

[10:56] – Sales Tip 4: Follow this sales process to win and retain more clients.

[15:57] – Sales Tip 5: Pay attention to what your client needs versus what he/she wants. 

[17:06] - Sales Tip 6: Be aware of your client's need and sell intelligently. 

[20:00] - Sales Tip 7: Integrity is a must if you are a salesperson. 

[22:40] - Sales Tip 8: Be honest with clients about their needs and sell intelligently. 

[24:39] – Sales CEO contact information.

[26:00] – My services.

[26:24] – Why sales training is a must for your company? Here is a great example to realize how important sales training is.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

"In sales, you have to be aware and you have to be a good person. You have to be able to do the right thing and you have to provide the right product or the service to the customer because you know that it's going to enhance their life not because it's going to pay you. If you are going out for just money, I promise you may make some but at the end of the day you won't be happy" –Corey Berrier


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