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Jan 12, 2022

Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

Do you struggle with ADHD as an adult? Relax, you are not alone. I have had the disability since I was eight, and I'm now 43. ADHD in adults can highly be mistaken for laziness or disorganization. Many people think people with ADHD are lazy, while the truth is, they are fighting a disability. In this episode, I will be addressing some of the symptoms of ADHD in adults.

We say disability is not inability, and that's why I believe that we can use ADHD as a superpower and achieve great things this life. I will share tips on how you can use the disability to your advantage. You need to do the things you are great at and avoid dwelling on things you are not good at. I know it might sound hard, but we have to do it.

Also, keep away from multitasking. Focus on one task after the other. It will help you with your productivity."

Listen in to this episode for more tips.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:11] Using ADHD as a superpower

[06:43] Is ADD the same as ADHD?

[07:59] Symptoms of ADHD

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

"People that have ADHD, we, for whatever reason, we like to focus on the things that we're not good at."

"There's parts of our brain that don't function like normal people. A lot of times, that's hard to understand for a lot of people."

"When you get overloaded when you start to feel frustrated and overwhelmed and feel like you're ready to punch your fist through the wall. Take out a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and start writing down whatever is in your mind. Get everything on the piece of paper. It will help you ease up."

"If you recognize or you've been tested for ADHD, you've to dial in the medication."

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