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Dec 8, 2020

There are many traits that a great business leader possesses in his personality. In today’s episode I am discussing many of those traits with my guest, Alex Terranova. One of the prominent traits of a great leader is the habit of reading books. You must have heard a proverb “leader is a reader”, that’s 100% true. But most of the readers today make a mistake while reading; they keep reading books one after another but they don’t implement it. Remember that reading hundreds of books won’t lead you toward success, but, implementing even a single book 100% will definitely change your destiny.  

Another thing that you need to grow yourself is to find MENTORS. Mentors are the ones who can help you to get where u always dream to be and without them your journey of success would be long and hard as well. So, find someone who could shape you and guide you toward your jackpot.  Secondly, you not only need to seek mentors but you also need to be a mentor to someone. Help other people to grow because your success won’t mean anything if everyone around you will be living a miserable life. Helping other people selflessly with good intentions creates a positive impact on other person’s life and that is something you cannot measure on any scale. Remember that your good intentions pay you back in numerous ways because it is the law of nature that whatever you put into the world, you are going to get it.

Also, you as a leader need to balance out every dimension of your life; you need to build good relationships with people, with your clients, and with your loved ones because your relationships play vital role in leading you toward success. You also need to have a balanced approach to look at opposite views of people; listen to them, understand then and try to figure out a balanced way.

Last but not the least, if you want to be successful in life, you don’t need massive steps; start taking small steps to improve yourself and show up to the world as an energetic person and it will make you a charismatic successful leader of your organization.

What You will Learn from this Episode:

In today’s episode you will learn from Alex about many traits that you as a leader must possess. Alex is talking about importance of reading books, how he used to read books, and what you need to do when it comes to reading. Moreover, you will learn what you need to do if you are not good at something, how a mentor can ease your journey of success, what is the importance of building good relationships, how your choices impact your lives, how you should deal with people who disagree with you, why you should not pay so much attention to politics and how it is distracting you, why you need to help other people if you want to improve your life, and what is the importance of having good intentions and helping people selflessly? In the end we are discussing what you need to do if you want to make more money or want to improve your life in any context.

This is not it; you will learn a lot more from this episode. As a human being we all have some room for improvement, so, if you want to improve yourself as a business owner or as a leader of any organization then must listen to this podcast to know more detail.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00] – Introduction of podcast and today’s guest.

[01:33] – Alex talking about his course based on his book “Fictional Authenticity”.

[02:43] – How Alex started reading books, his reading method, and how this habit changed his life.

[06:27] – What you need to do if you are not good at something?

[08:24] – How a mentor can ease your journey of success?

[11:05] – Importance of “relationships” in creating a successful life.

[13:05] – Alex talking about: balancing different dimensions of life and how your choices impact your lives?

[16:09] - Importance of having balanced approach to deal with opposite views of anyone.

[20:00] – Influx of information in today’s age of tech.

[22:24] – Why you should stop listening so much to what’s happening in the world of politics?

[31:47] – Why you need to pay attention to the benefits of other people around you?

[33:56] – Perks in helping/mentoring someone, who needs your help.

[41:05] – Power of good intentions and helping people selflessly.

[46:54] – How “showing up as an energetic person” can change your life?

[54:05] – Everyone notices you, don’t think no one notices you.

[57:30] – If you want to make more money, listen to this.

[58:36] – Why you should implement just one book hundred percent, rather than reading many?

[01:01:07] – Alex’s contact details and how you can access his book/course/podcast.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

“If you are not good at something it’s simply because you need to practice more.” - Alex Terranova

“We can find very easily anything, as human beings, to distract ourselves.” - Alex Terranova

“If everything around you is shitty who cares how great it is for you.” - Alex Terranova

“Use your privilege to lift somebody else.” - Alex Terranova

 “Helping another human actually serves us because we are they and they are us.” - Alex Terranova

“If you put more good into the world, there is going to be more good in the world. So the likelihood of you encountering goodness is more likely.“ - Alex Terranova

“If you put negativity into the world, you are going to find more negativity because that what you are adding. But if you put positivity or good intentions or love then you are going to get that also.” - Alex Terranova

 “It’s your responsibility to decide who you want to show up as in this world. There is nothing that impacts your life more than making that decision.” - Alex Terranova

“Success in life is based on the relationship in service of you and your goals and your commitments.” - Alex Terranova

“If you want to make more money, you have to fall in love with being uncomfortable.” - Alex Terranova

 “If you are striving to make more money OR you are striving to be whatever it is and it feels like things are not moving then you need to do things differently to shake things up.” – Corey Berrier

“Why don’t you just read 1 book and do everything in it instead of reading all the book?” - Alex Terranova

“You believe the way you believe because of the way you were brought up.” - Alex Terranova


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