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Apr 13, 2021

Scott Lumley; Business Owner, Author, and Philanthropist.

Today’s Episode Summary:

A lot of us, who are doing businesses, are doing so for a sole purpose and that is: “to have luxuries of life”. However, there are very few people who attach some bigger and better purpose to their business, and my today's guest -Scott Lumley- is one of those few people.

Scott Lumley is a successful business owner and a philanthropist. He started his very first business during high school. Then step by step he kept moving on his entrepreneurial path and transitioned from bankruptcy and probation (to do business) to establishing multiple successful businesses. Behind establishing multiple businesses, Scott has a very holy motive whose roots are linked to his traumatic childhood.

Scott was born in a family where his mother was a prostitute and his father was in prison. He grew up in an environment where men around him were constantly trying to abuse him but he kept fighting and protecting himself from the evil hands of those people who were supposed to protect him. At the age of 11, he ran out of his house to save himself but unfortunately, he met with a preacher who abducted him, chained him, and raped him literally every single day for 5 years.

 After having himself released from chains, Scott started his life. However, this traumatic duration of his life left lasting effects on him for years and it ultimately led him toward a mission and which is: to bring awareness to sex trafficking, eradicate it from society, and save those children who are suffering from the heinous crime of sexual abuse.

To fund his cause, he has built multiple businesses. He is using resources, generated by his businesses, to fight against sex trafficking. He believes that to wipe out problems from society you cannot rely on donations; you should build your own business because business is what makes money for you to be able to fight these problems. Scott has not chosen a luxurious life for himself rather a large portion of his income goes into charity. Scott is doing all of this work at a very fine level and people have a huge admiration for him for his work.

Scott is the voice of the many helpless kids who are suffering from sexual abuse perpetrated either by their close ones or by any outsider. Scott says that it is the responsibility of every human being to be aware of his surroundings and do whatever you can if you see any kid exhibiting some unusual behavior because that kid may be suffering from sexual abuse. Scott says that you should be able to look at the kid and identify if he/she is ok or not. Also, never let your kids play alone in the streets because they can be so easily abducted from such places. Empower your kids and validate their value so that they could trust you and share with you if anything happens with them. Do not let them suffer alone. Guide your kids, communicate with them, and teach them about these delicacies because if you won’t teach them and just hope that they will know that on their own then you are pushing them into the wrong hands.

To learn more about sex trafficking and how you can avoid that to happen, tune in and listen till the end.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

  1. Scott Lumley’s life story; his childhood, his abduction and sexual abuse story, his businesses, and his initiative to eradicate sex trafficking.
  2. What happens when you partner up with the wrong person?
  3. Importance of “being aware” to identify victims of child abuse.
  4. How Scott saved a small girl, at a party, who was being molested?
  5. Scott’s role in exposing sex trafficking cases and saving children.
  6. Making more money to eradicate problems from society OR asking for donations; which one you should opt for and why?

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction.

[02:28]- When & how Scott started his very first business?

[04:42]-  Doing a partnership with the wrong person.

[06:15]- Scott’s entrepreneurial story: From bankruptcy to success.

[17:40]- Mission of Scott.

[18:14]-  Story of Scott’s abduction when he was 11 years old.

[24:42]- Be aware to identify victims of child abuse.

[25:43]- How Scott saved a small girl, at a party, who was being molested?

[27:18]- Pay attention and do something if you find anything fishy going around you.

[32:47]- Story of a victim who was jailed.

[34:40]- Sex trafficking business.

[37:04]- Scott’s role in exposing sex trafficking cases and saving children.

[38:16]- National operation, targeting sex offenders (who are foreigners), canceled by J. Biden.

[39:21]- Conversation about US politics, government, and system.

[42:53]- Creating your own path via entrepreneurship.

[44:31]- Scott Lumley website to learn more about Sex trafficking.

[45:16]- Making more money through business and using it to eradicate problems from society.

[49:10]- Impressive work of philanthropic Scott.


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