Key Insights from a Candid Conversation: Brandon Saiz, NCB, and Corey Berrier Discuss Business, Challenges, and Personal Growth

In a captivating dialogue, industry stalwarts Brandon Saiz from NCB and Corey Berrier deliberate on their daily routines, challenges, and business strategies. The wide-ranging conversation covers various topics, from rewrapping a truck to discussing mistaken locations, and dives deep into the importance of average ticket prices in business profitability.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Transparency

Amid a lighthearted discussion about their morning activities and the weather, they touch upon a rather poignant topic - the dedication of Brandon's company name, NCB, to his deceased older brothers. Brandon opens up about the personal journey that led to the formation of NCB during the pandemic, underlining the importance of resilience and persistence in overcoming adversity. The conversation evolves into a broader discussion about the significance of transparency, which can lead to unforeseen opportunities, such as initiating a podcast series focused on contractors' experiences.

Lead Generation and Confidence in Sales

Brandon and Corey dive into the practicalities of business, discussing how Angie's List was once a prime source for lead generation in their operations. Corey, the author of "Nine Simple Steps to Sell More S***," underscores the importance of confidence and tenacity in closing sales. As Brandon's business encompasses various sectors, including plumbing, HVAC, drains, and plans for electrical services expansion, they converse about common industry issues such as pipe blockages and ground shifting causing pipe settlement.

Personal Growth and Team Management

The dialogue takes a personal turn as both share their experiences with substance abuse and recovery, emphasizing the necessity of relinquishing certain habits for personal growth and success. Brandon reflects on his military aspirations and how these shaped his career path in the HVAC industry. Managing a team of 14 employees, Brandon discusses the intricacies of leadership and the challenges in dealing with individual differences within the team.

Hiring Criteria and Business Improvement

When it comes to hiring, both Corey and Brandon focus on the significance of ethical values, morals, and a positive attitude. Brandon enumerates some of the company's struggles, such as managing calls better and improving outbound communication, emphasizing the need for efficient follow-up in sales.

Importance of Systems and Processes

As the conversation progresses, Brandon accentuates the need for effective systems, processes, and speed when transitioning to a new property. He highlights the importance of maintaining a professional appearance in business, discussing topics such as vehicle branding and the significance of their straightforward logo.

Marketing Strategies and the Future

Speaking about SEO and marketing, Brandon shares his positive experience with First Click Digital, underlining the importance of an effective online presence. They delve into the value of regular customer engagement through newsletters and social media posts, along with offering service contracts and membership for a steady revenue stream. The conversation concludes on an optimistic note, with Brandon expressing his unwavering determination to become the best in New Mexico.

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