Gems of Wisdom from Lance Bachman

Navigating the world of emotions and decision-making is akin to sailing in uncharted waters. But when you've Lance Bachman and Corey Berrier as your guiding stars, the journey becomes transformational. So, dear reader, prepare for a deep dive into tales of redemption, familial struggles, and entrepreneurial wisdom. Grab a cuppa and let's begin!

1. Emotion vs Decision

1.1 The Critical Balance

Life is an ever-churning ocean of emotions. One moment you're riding high on happiness, and the next, you're pulled under by despair. Lance Bachman, in his vast experience, has maintained that striking a balance between emotions and decisions is key.

For instance, how many times have we texted our ex after one too many glasses of wine? 🍷(Haha, we've all been there!). But Bachman’s perspective is profound; he chooses the path of harmony over confrontation, especially when it comes to family.

1.2 Affection Over Confrontation

Speaking of Bachman's family, he radiates immense love for his child and the child's mother. It's almost like witnessing a lion's fierce affection for its pride. It's all about choosing battles wisely and knowing when to let love prevail. Remember when you ate the last piece of pie and faced the wrath of your sibling? Sometimes, it's better to just share the pie!

1.3 Corey's Transformational Journey

Switching gears, Corey Berrier’s transformation is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Stepping up as a father figure for his daughter, he filled the void left by her biological father. A story we can all draw strength from, especially in times when our roles keep evolving.

1.4 Bachman’s Facebook Surprise!

Who knew Facebook could do more than just serve ads we think about in our sleep? In a surprising turn, Bachman connected with a long-lost child through a simple Facebook message, right as he awaited his firstborn. It’s like waiting for a bus and two come at once! 😄

2. Pursuit of Personal Evolution

2.1 Changing Family Narratives

We all have that one embarrassing family story, like Uncle Bob dancing on the Thanksgiving table. But Bachman emphasizes altering these narratives by relentless self-improvement and accepting oneself, turkey dance and all.

2.2 Self-Acceptance

In an era where our flaws are magnified, it’s crucial to embrace and accept them. Be it a bad hair day or a past indiscretion, wear it all with pride because you're a masterpiece in progress.

3. Lance Bachman's Entrepreneurial Drive and Personal Values

3.1 The Flame of Triumph

It's clear that Bachman isn’t just in it for the dollars. His fervor is for launching enterprises that make a difference, proving that business and benevolence can go hand in hand.

3.2 Spotting Potential Leaders

Bachman has this almost psychic ability to discern future leaders. Whether it's recognizing a strong recovery mindset, applauding military service, or appreciating family values, he knows how to pick 'em!

3.3 The Importance of Communication

Ever tried assembling IKEA furniture without the manual? That's how crucial communication is in relationships and business. It’s the glue, the guide, and the guarantee of success.

3.4 Sailing Marital Waters

Marriage, as Bachman candidly shares, isn’t always smooth sailing. There are storms and calms. But it’s about holding on, acknowledging mistakes, and cherishing second chances. Like getting that IKEA shelf up after the third try!

4. Bachman's Recipe for Success and Philanthropic Insights

4.1 Ego: The Silent Saboteur

Ever had someone cut the queue at your favorite coffee shop? Annoying, right? That's what unchecked ego does to success. It rudely cuts in. Bachman wisely navigates around ego, choosing partners with mutual respect and understanding.

4.2 Laser-Sharp Focus

In our world of 24/7 news cycles, Bachman's focus is enviable. He zeroes in on expanding his business and deriving pure joy from his ventures.

4.3 Philanthropy: Giving Smart

Supporting abused children, aiding friends with cancer, and a discerning eye towards charities, Bachman's approach to giving is as astute as his business strategies.

5. Insightful Interactions in the Discussion

5.1 Corey’s Questions

Corey, being the inquisitive soul he is, poses pertinent questions to Bachman about the drive behind his endeavors and the values he seeks in potential leaders.

5.2 The Importance of Communication

If there's one takeaway from their discussion, it's that communication is paramount. It’s the bridge that connects, the thread that binds, and the key that unlocks potential.

5.3 Action Points

By delving into the intricacies of Bachman's numerous partnerships and strategies, there's a treasure trove of insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Wrapping it all up, drawing wisdom from influential figures like Lance Bachman offers a lens into personal growth, success in business, and societal contributions that truly matter.


  1. Who is Lance Bachman?
    • An influential figure known for his entrepreneurial ventures, philanthropic efforts, and profound insights into personal growth.
  2. What is Corey Berrier's relationship with Bachman?
    • They share a deep bond, discussing redemption, familial struggles, and the balance between emotions and decisions.
  3. How does Bachman select his business partners?
    • With a keen eye for potential leaders, valuing attributes like recovery mindset, military service, and strong family values.
  4. What's Bachman's stance on philanthropy?
    • He believes in aiding genuine causes, while being skeptical about charity transparency.
  5. Why is communication vital according to Bachman?
    • Communication is the cornerstone of flourishing relationships and successful ventures.


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