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May 21, 2022

Corey Berrier interviews the top guests in the top contact that’s relevant today for your sales in your business. Get tips from the experts on how to be a successful life.

 Corey Berrier, CEO of Sales and brings you top guests in the top content that is relevant today for your success. Get insider tips and strategies from sales experts, entrepreneurs, authors and more!

Today’s Episode Summary:
On today’s podcast, I have a very special guest, Mr. Bob Burg; a sales expert, speaker, and author of several books on sales, marketing and influence, with total book sales approaching two million copies. Bob started his career 40 years ago with a sales system that changed his destiny in the world of sales forever and now he is helping other people to grow in sales. Bob also has a library and has turned the knowledge and wisdom of other people into his own through its right application. Today Bob is sharing with us his wisdom of 40 years on sales and he is also entertaining questions of our Clubhouse audience.  
 1. Bob explains that selling a product/service is not just about going out and telling people about it. It’s about having a well-proven system that guarantees to generate more sales. Such type of sales system is usually based on logical and specific set of ‘how to’ principles which can help you to predictably achieve more sales.
 2. Secondly, don’t make “money” as your prime reason of sales. Rather focus on providing “value” to your customers because money is just a reward for hitting the target of serving others. If you will approach selling this way, people will willingly exchange their money with the value, they will also be your walking ambassadors, and they will refer you to everybody.
 3. As a salesperson, you should focus on the wants and desires of your customer. You should provide them value that THEY think is a value, not what YOU think is a value.
 4. If you are a Solopreneur or you are running a small company then you should focus on making enough money so that you could afford to hire people who could take care of your administrative work. And if you will not hire someone at some stage or point, you won't be able to grow sustainably.
 5. If you want that your employees, particularly young employees, follow the core values of your company then you should remind them again and again what your core values are and how your business wants them to work. Secondly, your own actions must be aligned with your core values otherwise your employees won’t follow these values either.
 6. If you want to increase charges for your service, first make sure you are providing a significant amount of value. Secondly, calculate the number of hours you are giving to a client (whose rates you want to increase); if you are investing X amount of time on a client, that X you can give to 2 clients, you should better increase your rates.
These are few sales tips from our honorable guest & sales expert; Mr. Bob Burg. All of these tips have the potential to generate more sales and bring more money into your hands.
If you are selling any product/service and your sales are stagnant and you want to grow them then don't miss this episode. You will get a mind-changing sales approach in this podcast and it will help you to generate more sales for your business.
To learn more about “How to generate more sales”, take advantage of this podcast and listen to the 40 years of Bob's experience just in 1 hr &13 min.
What You Will Learn from this Episode:
 1. How Bob discovered a well-proven sales system to boost his sales?
 2. Definition of a “sales system” that can give you the desired result?
 3. Why do salespeople fail?
 4. Relationship of personal development with sales.
 5. What is the best way to approach selling?
 6. Importance of providing value to the customer.
 7. Concept of ‘Price’ vs. ‘Value’.
 8. ‘Value’ from customer’s perspective vs. ‘value’ from a salesman’s perspective.
 9. Importance of ‘asking questions’ and ‘listening’ in the field of sales.
 10. Importance of Sandler’s sales model.
 11. Books of Bob and their impact on people’s lives.