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Oct 21, 2021

In today's episode, we're joined by Zach Sasser, top sales consultant at Break Free Academy -- an online education provider for entrepreneurs, salespeople, business owners and executives. Their coaches are industry experts who know the nuances of the game and have experienced them all. He is also the Founder and CEO at Matrix Marketing Firm, a company that helps service area businesses grow their practice by acquiring high-paying calls every month.

Listen to Zach’s journey developing exceptional sales skills and founding and managing different companies in his early twenties!

Zach has been into sales since he was in middle school. He was part of Ryan Stewman's (Founder of Break Free Academy) largest pro sales group on Facebook called Sales Talk With Sales Pros. Zach's dad was a client with their Apex program.

While on a call with Danny Galvez (Specialist at Break Free Academy), Zach's dad introduced him to Danny. Learning how Zach was into sales and marketing, Danny offered him an opportunity to intern with them. Zach soon joined their sister networks, Phone Sites and Apex and worked up to become the top sales producer at Break Free Academy in a short period. He learns and works alongside top sales professionals of our time today.

We also discuss the Apex program at Break Free Academy. The program helps people focus on their teams, scale their systems, processes, and hiring methods by providing them with the skills and expertise they need. Zach explains that the most significant number of people in their program are executives (150-160 in number). They also have entrepreneurs and entourage, but they're a lower number in comparison. The program essentially brings in 7-8-9 figure income persons and helps optimize their business further by training and coaching. It also offers them opportunities for high-level conversations with winning professionals.

Apart from the details and offerings from his business and job, Zach also shares sales skills and tips, including the importance of training your mind when you're a part of sales. He shares how to build confidence when pitching your sales and why you need to view the profession as a means to help people genuinely. You'll also learn the importance of having a servant mindset while approaching your clients.

Making money is not wrong. As a sales professional, you provide value for clients by understanding their demands and requirements and helping them discover options.

Tune in to this conversation to learn how the 21-year-old professional is reaping huge sums by leveraging the industry's power!

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

  • ●  Danny Galvez’s incredible influence on Zach’s career

  • ●  The structure, functioning, and practices at Apex Entourage

  • ●  How Apex aids high-level conversations with sales industry leaders and


  • ●  What are Fine Fridays at Apex? How is it less about sales and more about

    scaling your business?

  • ●  The most attractive features of Apex’s program -- training and development

    and conversations with like-minded success-driven entrepreneurs

  • ●  How to build trust in professional relationships, even when you’re in sales?

  • ●  The one thing that most salespeople miss out on -- building a servant mindset

    for your customers.

  • ●  How to build confidence while selling

  • ●  How to see sales as a means to genuinely help people and not just aim for a


    The Episode Timeline:

    [00:00]– Introduction – Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast

    [00:35] – Meet Zach Sasser, top sales producer at Breakfree Academy

    [01:37] – Zach explains his journey to us and shares how he got to work with Danny Galvez, who he believes is the number one sales guy we've ever heard of

    [03:55] – Zach talks about their sister company, Phone Sites
    [06:56] – How many people has Zach managed to help add to the Apex family since


    [07:16] – Zach shares his goals for this month

    [08:55] – What is the prime focus of Zach and their team at Apex?

    [09:43] – Zach shares the number of people they have in as executives, entrepreneurs, and entourage at Apex

    [10:28] – How did Steven revamp his company, Tribe and Tribe?
    [11:40] – What's the idea behind bringing people to come in at Apex once a month?

    [13:03] – Zach explains the Apex program in detail, including what Fine Fridays are all about.

    [15:25] – Zach shares why Keith Pike is the number one REMAX broker
    [19:58] – What are the reasons other than the revenue that drive people to Apex? [22:38] – What are the best parts of joining Apex's coaching program?

[24:24] – Correy explains why your level of desire is super-important in being successful

[25:29] – How does Apex keep quality under check for people? [26:23] – Apex's upcoming plans and about Apex Live

[28:45] – Zach talks about some interesting and unique activities executives practice at Apex

[30:55] – How does Apex stand out from its competitors? How do they build trust and build a healthy relationship with their customers?

[35:43] – Zach explains his next steps
[37:50] – Zach talks about the number one thing that salespeople struggle with –

generating leads, closing, or lack of competence?

[41:44] – How can you get over the hesitation when asking for a sale? How does it link to genuinely wanting to help people?

[43:04] – Find Zach on social media! [44:11] – Fun fact to close the episode with

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