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Oct 10, 2020

Cole Hatter is a Multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and founder of Thrive.

Today’s Episode Summary

Today’s special guest, Cole Hatter, is founder of Thrive (make money matter). He is running a successful multi-million business for entrepreneurs and impacting lives of thousands of people throughout the world through his events. 

My conversation with Cole about his entrepreneurial journey. He is talking about his success at an early age, some devastating incidents which took him to Mexico for some time, and then coming back to America and establishing a super successful business. There is a lot to learn from Cole’s story.

Cole established his business not to chase better materialistic life but to live a greater purpose. His entrepreneurial story is a living example of the fact that “everything that happens in your life happens for a very good reason”. 

Moreover, in the podcast we are discussing how to navigate through difficult times, why people should invest on learning instead of looking for free options. Lastly Cole is sharing some sales tips to the listeners. 

This is not it; there is much to learn from today’s podcast. So, bear with us until the last second of this amazing episode which is full of take-home lessons.

Cole Hatter Entrepreneurial Story in a Nutshell

At the age of 20, Cole was running a million dollar business and was living a lavish life. He had everything he wanted and was spending money fervently like any other young boy. Even though he was blowing money but he had great moral upbringing so he was living a good life ethically and morally. 

Then in an accident he lost his very close friends and because of this devastating incident he started suffering emotionally. He was in deep trauma of losing people he loved, meanwhile, his business started failing. Cole was emotionally unavailable and it was impacting his love life also. After some time, he lost everything; his business blew up, his girl friend dumped him and he was still suffering from emotional detachment.

To recover from his dire emotional state, he decided to reset his life completely. He disappeared completely, went to Mexico and started serving a non-profit organization. Suddenly this American business man, who was running a million dollar business and was living a lavish life, was at the lowest of the low position. He became a construction worker in Mexico; building houses for homeless families and doing cleaning and stuff. Everything got changed in his life; his work, his environment, and his living standards. He had been switched from one life style to another life lifestyle.

From being “somebody” to “nobody” proved to be one of the biggest growth periods for Cole. This transition helped him finding his mission for life. He started his own orphanage in Mexico and kept feeding homeless kids and serving community for 9 months. Serving others for straight 9 months gave him complete healing and then he got ready to move forward in life. 

He decided to go back to America to restart his business but this time for a completely different reason. He went back not to just make money but to “make money matter”.  He decided to fund his orphanage through his own business instead of asking people for support. He re-established his business not to chase better materialistic life but to live a greater purpose. And he achieved phenomenal success. 

Now he is using his businesses to fund his orphanage and he is also teaching other entrepreneurs to attach meaning to their business and guiding them how to do this. He is running an event Thrive (make money matter) for entrepreneurs to help them create a “for purpose” business. The slogan of Thrive, which is “make money matter”, is epitome of his entrepreneurial story. 

This is the short preview of Cole Hatter’s story. I will highly recommend you to listen to the podcast to know what he actually been through during the whole journey.

The Episode Timeline

[0:00] – Introduction of guest.

[1:17] – What this event “Thrive” is all about? 

[1:52] – Brief story of Cole’s entrepreneurial journey and slogan of Thrive.

[4:37] – Cole partnership with Dan Flyshman and changing format of Thrive’s live event to fully virtual.

[11:34] – Cole moved to Mexico to reset his life.

[16:02] - Cole’s advice for those who are suffering from any emotional or difficult time of their lives. 

[20:01]- From being a millionaire to an ordinary construction worker. How it feels when it comes to ego?

[26:30] – 20 years old frivolous Cole turned to a purpose-oriented individual.

[29:40] – How Thrive helped entrepreneurs in creating impact?

[33:57] – Motivation behind continuing Thrive event despite global shut down of 2020.

[36:21] – Answer to those who don’t want to pay for coaching events and ask why these events are not free.

[41:15] – Information about next event of Thrive.

[43:32] – Cole’s sales tip to the listeners. 

[46:41]- How you can make your selling pitch better? “Sell the destination not the vehicle.”

[48:51] – Cole Hatter contact detail.


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