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Dec 8, 2021

Sales is no longer just about persuasion. To be a successful salesperson today, you need to empathize with the person you’re selling to. You need to have the ability to understand and share the feelings of the other person. Salespeople who have empathy can connect with others on a personal level, making it easier to establish trust, inspire action, and close deals.

In today’s episode, I take you through what it feels and how it should instead feel as a customer confronted by a sales professional. I also talk to you about why you need to respect any profession for the service and value they provide for you (and never look down upon them!), how to view your mistakes as learning opportunities, how to serve your customers better through your skills, what makes a good salesperson, and why empathy is important in any profession.

You’ll also hear me narrate my up-and-down journey through life -- the countless mistakes I made and what they taught me, how I got to a place I wouldn’t have imagined sometime back, and how grabbing an opportunity (a Facebook Live) had me leap closer to my dream life and career.

Do you go hard on yourself for not closing enough deals? Surely, this episode is for you.

4 Things You’ll Learn From This Episode

  • ●  Why we need to view people’s professions not just for the money they make out of it but for the VALUE they provide to us

  • ●  As a salesperson, your job is to LEAD your customer to the answer, solve their problem, and not just MAKE SALES.

  • ●  The revenue you generate for others is the answer to anyone questioning your position or ability.

  • ●  If you want to succeed in sales, you’d want to understand your customer and genuinely help them.

    Noteworthy Moments

    [0:25] Frustration with labeling people as just a salesperson or just a plumber or the like
    [2:21] Doing the hero’s job as a salesperson
    [6:11] The mistakes I made in my life and how they transformed me as a human being

[10:11] How a Facebook Live changed my life altogether [11:46] If you’re struggling in the trades, you need to know this


“Sometimes we make bad decisions. There are times in our lives where we make great decisions in a row.”

“Go see me on more stages, because that's where I really want to be, I really want to be on stage helping people. And that's where I'm headed.”

“If you can figure out how they're feeling, what they're feeling, what they're thinking and get that stuff out on the table, you're gonna make them feel better, you're gonna feel better, you're gonna close more deals. I guarantee it. So stop, always being closed -- that's old. Get that shit out of your head. It's not the way business works anymore.”

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