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Nov 29, 2020

Episode Summary:
Before Covid-19 pandemic hit our planet almost all businesses were operating in a setting where clients used
to meet face to face with their seller before buying their services. It has no doubt that meeting face to face is
an effective way of wining trust of your clients and selling them your services, but it’s not possible anymore.
Covid-19 has changed the sales process throughout the world. Now you cannot have one on one meeting
with your clients but there is a great alternative available to you and that is VIRTUAL SELLING.
Now a days the reality of the world is virtual selling and video meetings. You have to adopt these virtual
means of communication and you have to learn all these new methods of selling if you want to grow your
business now. Even today many people think that they cannot operate their business virtually, it’s because
they have so many stereotypes about virtual selling and video calling. Also, a lot of people don’t feel
comfortable in doing zoom meetings because they fear judgment, they fear looking stupid on video, and they
fear rejection. But all these fears are only illusions of your mind, they are not real. So what you need is to
break all those fears and stereotypes. If you don’t feel comfortable with video calls then go somewhere and
practice video recording; practice again and again until you overcome your fears. Pay attention to your body
language, pay attention to your tonality, pay attention to your background where you are sitting, pay
attention to the lights, and most importantly pay attention to your emotional intelligence while video calling.
Because virtual calling is not very much different from your live meetings and your clients can sense all these
things, so make sure everything is proper.
Video calling is the best method available to you now to connect with your clients and not only that it saves a
lot of your time as well. From now on virtual selling is not going anywhere, so, it’s important for you, more
than ever, to adopt these virtual means of communication if you want to make more money. And if you won’t
adopt these virtual means of communication and virtual selling then you are going to lose your business at
the end of the day. So, if you don’t want to go out of business, then get on board to virtual selling.
What You will Learn from this Episode:
In today’s episode I am talking about importance of virtual selling and video meetings with clients. You will
learn why you should adopt virtual selling and what will happen if you won’t, what are some stereotypes
about virtual selling that you need to break, how you can overcome fear of getting on camera, why you
should not give people so many choices if you are selling something, and what are the perks in video
meetings as compared to one on one meetings? Last but not the least; I am giving some tips if you are not
comfortable in video calling with your clients.
To know answers to all these questions, listen to this podcast till the end.
The Episode Timeline:
[00:00] – Introduction of podcast and today’s topic.
[02:00] - Importance of virtual selling and video calling.

[08:37] – Why you shouldn’t give people so many choices if you are selling something?
[12:49] – Examples of great company culture.
[16:33] – Tips for you, if you are not comfortable in video calling with clients.
[30:37] – Why virtual selling is important more than ever if you want to make more money?
[31:18] - How to overcome fear of getting on camera?
[35:49] – When you need a teleprompter?
[38:33] – Here is an example for your motivation to start virtual selling.
[40:50] – How I felt during Covid lockdown.
[42:32] – Stereotypes about virtual selling that you need to break.
[47:08] – Perks of zoom meetings.
[48:14] – What you should do if you are not comfortable with zoom meetings?
[49:18] – This is what will happen to you if you don’t adopt virtual selling.
[50:06] – Sales CEO contact details.
Golden Nuggets from Episode:
“Sales process and company culture goes hand in hand.” –Corey Berrier
“You want to be a good person and you want to be the person that you could look back and say, I really like
the person that I was and I really like the man/woman I became.” –Corey Berrier
“Fear of judgment, fear of looking stupid, fear of rejection; this ruins so many lives. If you live by these fears,
you are going to live a miserable life.” –Corey Berrier
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