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Apr 1, 2022

How Meditation Helps People with ADHD with Greg Anderson

Imagine being in the jungle for three years practicing meditation. You are not supposed to cut your hair, drink alcohol, or have sex. Would you be okay with that?

Our guest today, Greg Anderson, went through meditation in the jungle for three years. He adhered to all the terms and conditions set by the spiritual healer. When he returned, he was a completely new person from how he looked and viewed the world. Grey believes that he got a new set of eyes that have helped him become a better person.

In this episode, Grey will share his meditation journey, the different modalities of meditation, and how it has impacted his life. Also, he will share the businesses side of his life and help us understand how meditation can influence our decision making and  grow our businesses.

Listen in and learn.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:38] Greg's three years of meditation in the jungle

[03:35] How meditation has changed the way Greg looks at the world

[07:44] The different modalities of meditation

[12:25] Greg's experience with plant medicine

[18:17] How three years in the jungle changed  Greg

[21:11] What inspired Greg to start a software company?

[39:01] How meditation helps people with ADHD

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

"When you're doing certain kinds of meditations, you're creating a strong mental muscle, so that when you need to focus."- Greg

"It's great to be the idea person, but if you can't, as an owner, latch to an idea and see it through, you will give your team 15 new things to work on. None of them are going to get complete because you're less focused on something."- Greg

"You need to go out and try to find the person that's already built what you want, even if it's only 95%."-Greg

"Once you get super committed, you have a lot of opportunities to do less than what you're committed for."-Greg

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