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Aug 1, 2022

How Nick Small Built an Asphalt Business Empire| Successful Life Podcast

What can you do with a couple of a hundred dollars? 

When Nick quit his job, he had $697, which he used to start his company US Pave. He started with acquiring a domain, did the logo, putting some systems in place and then started looking for people to serve. Nick's greatest motivation to start a business was his desire to give customers what they needed. 

Nick believes that to build a business successfully, you must be resilient, choose your team wisely, treat your employees well and do everything in your power to retain your customers. Nick urges us to build great company culture. He believes that when you take care of your employees, they will take care of what is important to you. 

Growing up, Nick saw his mother struggle to become a registered nurse when he was eight years old. When his mum became a registered nurse, their lives changed for the better, and poverty was no longer part of them. Nick learnt a lot from his mother, and he carries them to date.

In this episode, Nick Small will tell us how he built the company, US Pave, from scratch to where he is today. 

Listen in and learn.

Key Talking Points of the Episodes:

[00:36] Getting to know Nick and what he does

[02:54] What has helped Nick succeed as an entrepreneur?

[04:16] How Nick started his company

[17:24] The essence of having the right people to help you run your company

[31:16] The essence of using technology in a company

[41:40] Building a great company culture

[51:48] Nick's childhood and how his mother inspired him

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

"The more attention to detail you give anything, the better the outcome is always going to be."-Nick

"If you focus on getting the right people and everything else falls into place."- Nick

"There's so many parts of the business, you can't be focused on all of them at the same time."-Nick

"You've got to judge the space around you on what your competition is doing. Where did they lack."- Nick

"The more success you have, the more hate you're going to bring on yourself."-Nick

"If you're not working on something new, you're not challenging your brain."- Corey

"When you focus on the people, and you focus on your people, your people will focus on what, what's important for you."- Nick

 Audiograms Quotes:


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