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May 13, 2021

Autumn; Wedding Photographer running “Autumn Harrison Photography”

Today’s Episode Summary:

Today’s special guest is none other than my dearest wife, Autumn Berrier. Autumn is a successful wedding photographer who specializes in senior, engagement, and wedding photography. Autumn strives to create an experience for her couple that is fun and stress-free. She makes sure that her couples are enjoying themselves and absorbing the moments, while she captures it all to tell their own story.

Autumn says that good facial expression and the body language of the couple are the key factors in capturing the most authentic moments of their wedding. But in most cases, couples don’t feel comfortable and that authenticity doesn’t come out in photographs. To prevent that to happen, Autumn uses some methods to make her couple comfortable to be photographed on their wedding day.

Autumn is sharing in detail her sales process that she follows with her couples. The overview of her sales process is:

  1. Setting up a meeting with the couple.
  2. Building rapport with the couple.
  3. Trying to know the couple.
  4. Deciding the budget with the couple.
  5. Ending the meeting by asking an interesting question that makes her photography stand out.
  6. Making the couple comfortable on the wedding day.
  7. Telling a story in a well-documented wedding Album.

Autumn is also talking about the power of positive and negative words and how they affect other people. She is also sharing an interesting study done on the water. According to this study, negative words, that were spoken to the water, impacted water negatively and positive words spoken to the water impacted water positively. To know this interesting study in detail, tune in and listen to the podcast.

Autumn is also talking about her story when she adopted Anorexia and Bulimia during her teenage. She is advising people who are suffering from any of these two disorders and encouraging them to stop practicing them because such practices create long-term negative impacts on the human body. She is also talking about the gut-health regimen that she follows and encouraging you to check out the gut-health products available on 

To learn more from Autumn, tune in and listen to the podcast till the end.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

  1. What makes Autumn’s photography different from others?
  2. How Autumn makes her couples comfortable for wedding photographs?
  3. What’s her wedding photography package?
  4. Tips for wedding couples for their wedding day.
  5. Autumn’s views about being a salesperson.
  6. What is the sales process that Autumn follows for her clients?
  7. How many photographs a wedding photographer should take?
  8. How she stays calm while photographing long wedding events (like Indian weddings)?
  9. Why is it important to have a consultation meeting with the wedding photographer before the wedding day?
  10. A scientific study on the impact of positive/negative words on water.
  11. Advice and tips for those who are suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia. Autumn’s own story about adopting Anorexic Diet and Exercise Bulimia and its impacts.
  12. Gut-Health Regimen and gut-health products of Corey and Autumn.
  13. Advice for those females who are struggling with their weight or their body composition.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of today’s guest, Autumn.

[00:45]- What makes her photography stand out different from everybody else?

[01:33]- The body language of wedding couples. And how Autumn makes them comfortable for wedding photographs?

[03:41]- Tips for wedding couples for their wedding day.

[05:14]- How Autumn’s sales transformed over time?

[06:23]- Autumn’s views about being a salesperson.

[07:45]- Autumn’s Sales-Process.

[14:29]- How many photographs of a wedding should a wedding photographer take?

[16:55]- Importance of Photographer-Couple meeting before the wedding day.

[18:15]- What Autumn does to make sure her clients get photographs which they will love to see after years of marriage?

[20:09]- Power of words. A scientific study on the impact of positive/negative words on water.

[24:16]- Autumn’s teenage story: adopting Anorexic diet and exercise bulimia.

[33:14]- Advice for anyone suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, or Body Dysmorphia.

[35:05]- Gut-Health regimen.

[37:38]- Corey & Autumn’s Gut-Health products.

[39:10]- Autumn’s advice for those females who are struggling with their weight or their body composition.

[40:58]- Contact detail of Autumn.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • If you feel like “people around you are not benefiting your life or benefiting you” then you need to just cut ties with them and find the people that make you feel good and make you feel good about yourself. –Autumn


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