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Jul 18, 2022

Imagine going to six schools in high school. That sounds absurd!Our guest Robert Posey did. With that kind of behavior, it is easy for parents to convince themselves that your future is ruined. His parents didn’t expect much from him. Robert lived a life of dishonesty, and it took a bad accident for him to have a turnaround. 

After his accident, he decided to be always honest, and that has been essential for him to become the person he is today. Robert is the CRO of, a founder, an investor, and a sales strategist. He empowers others to achieve freedom through ethical selling systems.

Being a father of four, Robert has set boundaries to help him achieve a work-life balance. His calendar closes at 5 pm, and he doesn’t work during the weekends. His desire to be present in his children’s lives is peerless. He has made it so intentional that nothing can interrupt it.

In this episode, Robert will share his journey to becoming who he is today. We’ll also look at emotional frequencies, how to deal with generational traumas, choosing people for your circle, and setting boundaries to achieve work-life balance. 

Listen in to learn more.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:27] How Robert got into the roofing industry

[07:49] How Robert got to where he is today

[19:59] What does the emotional frequencies chart entail?

[22:24]Expanded versus contracted emotions

[38:57] When pain becomes a driving force

[41:37] Dealing with generational trauma

[45:38] How to choose people for your circle

[47:46] How Robert achieves work-life balance 

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“The reason I’ve been successful in sales is because I refuse to be dishonest. When you lead a conversation with that much conviction. The people on the other end, they absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt that this man’s not lying to me.”

“Alignment goes in all areas of your life.”

“The definition of sales is two parts. Number one, identify the need. Number two, match it to a solution.”

“If you are trying to build a sales team, you need to identify where are you trying to go with it.”

“If you can’t create that consistency among your people. When you exit, you will either leave behind something that’s worth the legacy, or something that’s a burden to someone else.”

“Change is not possible, until the pain of staying where you are becomes greater than the pain of change.”

“Change is only possible on the precipice of destruction.”

“Always keep two people below you, to motivate you away from where you came, and two people above you to remind you and to keep you focused on your growth and your goals.”

“If we’re not clearly defined, we’re going to find ourselves in the gutter.”

“Self-discipline is the prerequisite for self-respect. Self-respect is the prerequisite for courage.”


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