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Apr 15, 2021

Andy Aranda; Entrepreneur, and “The Modern Day Tradesman Show” Host.

Today’s Episode Summary:

Today’s guest, Andy Aranda, is an entrepreneur who has a mission to eradicate the stereotypes of tradesmen and bring respect back to the trades. Behind Andy’s mission, there is a story of his childhood that motivated him to pursue this mission.

Andy came from a family of plumbing tradesmen. When he was a kid, his father –who was a plumber- used to take him on jobs with himself. During that time, Andy realized that plumbers have a bad reputation in the society and people feel ashamed to be a plumber. To change this mindset, Andy started his career as a plumber in 2013 and changed the standard for the entire industry. Today Andy is sharing with us his valuable thoughts on his mission “bringing the respect back to trades” and varieties of other topics that can help you grow your business.

Andy says that, like tradesmen, salespeople also have a bad reputation and to bring respect back to these professions you have to win the trust of your clients, you have to guarantee your clients that you are not here to make sales only, in fact, you are here to genuinely help them and to solve their problem. Moreover, you have to provide your clients what they actually need and you have to explain to them the results of the product/service that you are selling them.  If you will do that, you and your clients both will get the desired results.

Andy is also sharing with us his 3 steps formula that guarantees to give you and your clients the desired results. The first step is to have a plan, the second step is to communicate that plan to your clients, and the third step is to execute that plan. To learn this formula in detail, I will highly encourage you to listen to the podcast.

 Andy also says that as an entrepreneur, you should identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have identified them, work on your strengths and hire other people to help you in your weak areas. Remember 1 thing: don’t try to improve your weak areas on your own because by doing so you will only waste your time. So hire other people to do this for you. Secondly, hire people based on your core values. And after hiring the right fit, communicate your core values to your employees frequently and teach them how these core values will make them better customer-service-representative. Lastly, make your employees comfortable so that they could make your clients comfortable in return.  

Andy is also motivating you to be energetic at work, at home, and wherever they go. He says that whether you are going to work or you are going to meet somebody, bring your energy with you because it makes you more attractive and brings more opportunities into your life.

Today’s podcast has a lot more than you just read, so tune in and enjoy the conversation.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

  1. The entrepreneurial journey of Andy Aranda.
  2. Andy’s thoughts on core values and company culture.
  3. How to inculcate your core values in your employees?
  4. How salespeople and tradesmen can gain respect?
  5. Facilitating employees well, and saving time and energy to spend on more clients.
  6. The science behind hiring people -based on your core values- and why it is so important?
  7. How to guarantee that you are serving your clients correctly?
  8. 3 steps formula that guarantees that you and your clients both will get the desired results.
  9. Importance of having plans and why it is ok to go with the flow sometimes?
  10. Effects of Covid-19 on human relationships and what you can do to improve your relationships?
  11. How you can be emotionally intelligent and make wise decisions?
  12. Science of Husband-wife relationship and Masculine and Feminine energy.
  13. Importance of surrounding yourself with go-getters and positive people.
  14. Importance of knowing your learning style to make important decisions for your future direction.
  15. What is the impact of being energetic and bringing that energy to your work?
  16. Some pieces of advice for those who are senior tradesmen.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of Andy Aranda.

[00:47]- Andy’s thoughts on core values, company culture, and workspace environment.

[03:45]- Time is money.

[06:15]- How salespeople can gain respect from their clients?

[10:47]- 3 steps formula that guarantees that you and your clients both will get the desired results.

[11:49]- How to inculcate core values in your employees?

[15:31]- What changes Andy made in his business because of Covid-19?

[21:36]- You might have a plan but life has its own plan. Concept explained.

[24:17]- Effects of government policies, about Covid-19, on different states of U.S.

[29:16]- Story of Andy‘s entrepreneurial journey.

[38:46]- Effects of Covid-19 on human relationships and what you can do to improve your relationships?

[40:23]- Be aware of the people you surround yourself with.

[43:03]- Conversation about relationships, emotional intelligence, and leadership.

[45:32]- Masculine and Feminine energy.

[48:25]- Know your learning style.

[50:42]- Bring energy to your work.

[56:10]- Advice for those senior tradesmen who are getting tired from the trades industry.

[58:53]- Contact details of Andy Aranda.      

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • “If you put people in a good environment, they are going to feel better about themselves, they are going to feel more pride in where they work, and naturally they are going to perform better.” -Andy Aranda
  • “If you are able to be efficient with your time, you are going to be more effective when dealing with your customers.” -Andy Aranda
  • “If you want to build a successful business then you need to put yourself around people who are positive, put yourself around people who have a positive outlook on life, and put yourself in the circle of go-getters.” -Andy Aranda
  • “You might have a certain plan, for what’s going to happen, but life has its own plan for where you need to go sometimes. Sometimes you just need to flow with the river instead of carving into the cliff. So, follow the path that life is taking you to and do not think so much about hardcore plans.” -Andy Aranda


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