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Jun 6, 2022

From the shady dealings of Power Home Solar Energy to the rise of solar sales, it seems like everyone's got something to say about this hot topic. But what does the truth really hold?

They’re selling them a $70,000 solar system that doesn’t even work because
they didn’t pull the permit before they did the work.

Guess what? All those
solar panels and stuff that people purchased are worthless. Why take money
from innocent people for useless products?

Truth be told. Pink Energy is making things difficult for all the salespeople out
there, especially those in the solar industry.

They have failed in one job as a
company, training their people. Had they done better training, things would be

Our renewal of vows is upcoming on the 9th of June. I wrote an email to a lady
requesting her to make our cake, and guess what her response was,” we will
need two weeks for this kind of order.” That’s shocking! I understand this
order may need time, but the lady should have given options. She also did not
consider the order included some cookies, which she completely overlooked.
If you are in trades, you need to take a few lessons from these situations and
 Training your people is essential if you want to grow.

 The construction industry is growing, and you need to do whatever it
takes to keep the people beneath you.
 Being the cheapest person doesn’t guarantee you a win. If anything,
people don’t trust cheap stuff.
 Time is of the essence when it comes to following up on leads.
Key Talking Points of the Episode:
[01:52] Is Pink Energy company scamming people?
[09:35] Funny story (sales 101)
[13:58] The essence of training your people right
Magical Quotes from the Episode:
“Salespeople by and large are not bad people, but this group evidently, did
some stuff they shouldn’t have done.”
“If you’re the guy that’s undercutting all your competition, you’re on a race to
the bottom.”
“The cheapest guy never wins.”
“Time is of the essence when you’re getting back to a lead.”
“If you’ve got solid people underneath you, you’re crazy not to keep those
people underneath you. Because if they leave you, they’re not coming back.
People are paying way more right now than they ever have in history.”
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