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Nov 9, 2020

Nate Bailey, 100-Mile ultramarathon runner, author, coach, and host of Championship Leaders podcast.

Today’s Episode Summary:

Life is truly a journey from one station of life to another station.  People who create impact are the ones who have some purpose, vision, and mission on every station of their life and their failures don’t stop them from reaching their milestone. To achieve success in any domain of life, whether it’s business, family life, or health, requires a resilient mindset and today’s guest, Nate Bailey, is the perfect example of a “strong headed person with resilient mindset”.

Nate Bailey is a 100-Mile ultramarathon runner, an entrepreneur, and an author. He accomplished running 100-Mile ultramarathon in just 29 hours. He attempted twice before his 3rd successful attempt. In first two attempts he completed 62 mile and 75 mile and then in 3rd attempt he reached his milestone of 100 miles. He developed and strengthened his mindset throughout that entire process and learned so many lessons from this 100 Mile journey. Now he is using his experience for coaching people to achieve a mindset which is required to achieve success in any field of life.  He helps entrepreneurs and business owners to work through the issues which continue to hold them back in life and he helps them to see possibilities in their life that they are not able to see on their own. He is running his coaching programs which happen throughout the year. He also wrote a book “100 Mile Mindset” based on his experiences and lessons taught by his 100 Mile journey and he is also running his own podcast show.

What You Will Get from Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode Nate is talking about his accomplishment of 100-Mile run in 29 hours, interesting events which happened during this marathon, how your body recovers after running 100-Miles, and which kind of mindset is required for participating in such marathons. Moreover, he is talking about his book “100 Mile Mindset”, his coaching programs for entrepreneurs, and how you can join these programs to create impact on your life, your loved ones, and the world at large. 

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00] – Introduction of Nate Bailey.

[00:55] – Nate talking about his accomplishment of 100-Mile Run in 29 hours.

[02:19] – Mindset required for achieving 100-Mile run.

[03:06] – Nate’s 100-Mile journey story.

[07:23] –A worst incident that happened during his 100-Mile marathon.

[14:09] – Nate’s coaching programs for entrepreneurs and business owners?

[19:45] – Who can join Nate’s coaching programs and how they can join?

[23:54] – Can women join his programs?

[26:34] – What impact he created though his coaching programs on people’s lives?

[30:02] – Nate’s Book: “100 Mile Mindset”

[31:08] – Nate talking about his first two attempts before winning 100-Mile marathon.

[35:07] – How body feels and how it recovers after running 100-Mile?

[39:06] – Nate’s Podcast: “Championship Leadership”.

[43:35] – When his coaching events happen?

[46:20] – Nate’s contact info and website to access his material.

[47:23] – Last piece of advice from Nate Bailey.

Golden Nugget from Episode:

Become a person of your word by doing what you say you are going to do every single day. The goal for us is to get to the point where when we tell someone, “we are going to do it”, they can count on us and they know it’s going to be done. Do simple little things every single day, quiet breaking promises to yourself and be a personal viewer. – Nate Bailey


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