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Nov 11, 2021



Corey shares lessons learnt from his recent experience speaking at Podfest while sprinkling in a few negotiation tactics along the way. Speaking at Podfest was only his third time speaking on stage as a presenter.


Tune in to unlock a negotiation tactic that works every single time AND to learn why getting a ‘no’ while negotiating is sometimes better than getting a ‘yes’.




[01:00] My talk at Podfest didn’t go so well…(here’s why)

[03:30] How mirroring in negotiation works (a real example) OR How to mirror someone in a negotiation and NOT get caught.

[05:52] A rookie mistake I made as an amateur public speaker

[06:16] If you’re looking for an awesome graphic design and marketing team…

[07:15] I'll make you 5X the amount I charge you or your money back + $500 for your time and trouble.

[09:34] A negotiation tactic that works 100% of the time in hotels[a].


3 Key takeaways


  • When speaking in front of people, don’t forget to put out your credentials and make it easy for people to find you online. Clearly state your usernames on popular online platforms. This will help build your network and make the most of your speaking engagement.


  • A fail-proof negotiation tactic: before you ask for something small (like early check in in a hotel) start your conversation with the relevant staff member with “I am about to make your day ridiculously difficult”.


  • You don’t always have to get a ‘yes’ in a negotiation. In fact, you can be better off getting a ‘no’. Surprised? Here is an example: “would it be a ridiculous idea to ask you to (insert small ask or no brainer like: to help you grow your revenue)”.




Podfest 2021: Website


I'll make you 5X the amount I charge you or your money back + $500 for your time and trouble: Sales CEO


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