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Nov 18, 2021

Sales and plumbing guru Roger Wakefield (The Trade Guy) joins Corey to discuss how tradespeople can make more sales. They discuss how to go from service provider to trusted advisor by asking open-ended questions, using winning listening techniques, and the importance of understanding your clients communication style to your sales numbers.


Roger Wakefield is a plumber and YouTuber with 400K+ subscribers. He teaches plumbers and tradesmen the sales skills they need to make more sales.  


“When we learn to communicate with people in a way they want to be communicated with, our sales probably have to up 75%” - Roger Wakefield




[00:04] Episode overview and who is the plumber Roger Wakefield? 

[01:26] Overcoming the mental barriers and anxiety around selling high ticket products and services. 

[04:54] Why you should offer your customers financing options. 

[08:20] How ‘listening to repeat’ can level up your plumbing sales skills. 

[15:51] The TWO most important sales skills for tradesmen. 

[21:14] Why every tradesperson needs to learn body language. 

[23:40] Why you need to spend more than 10 minutes with inquiring clients. OR How to gain trust with potential plumbing/hvac clients?

[24:57] Keeping your credibility as a sales lead for tradesmen. 

[26:48] What to say and do to easily get reviews/testimonials after performing a plumbing/hvac service. 

[30:30] When should you ask your clients for a referral? 

[33:55] How has COVID-19 affected the trades business?

[37:33] Should employers make the COVID-19 vaccine be mandatory? 

[43:13] Why explaining the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine is so vital. 

[51:23] How to connect with Roger Wakefield (The Trade Guy)

5 Key takeaways 


  1. When you are selling a high ticket product or service that you cannot imagine buying for yourself, it is hard to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and leverage that empathy to refine your sales technique. A good way to overcome this is to understand where every dollar goes. When you give a job to every dollar, you understand why you cannot offer discounts on your product. Rather than a discount, you can offer financing options. 


  1. If you are listening to your customer in a way that you can repeat to them what they are looking for, you can provide a much better service to them. You will be able to detect problems and symptoms that you wouldn’t have if you were not listening and investigating so intently. 


  1. We learn through visual, auditory, or kinesthetic means. When interacting with your client, try to detect their preferred learning method and explain your service in their preferred learning method.


  1. When a potential client is interested in your service, make sure to invest quality time with them. Spending only ten minutes explaining what they need and how you can help them is simply not enough time for you to build a relationship with the potential client. People want to buy, but they hate being sold to. 


  1. Make it as easy as possible for your client to leave you a review. One way you can do that is by providing them a QR code that they can scan that takes them straight to the review page.  




Connect with Roger Wakefield (The Trade Guy): LinkedIn | YouTube 


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