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Aug 30, 2021

My today’s guest, Carl Eppolito, is an entrepreneur and a single dad of 2 beautiful girls. Today Carl is talking about a variety of topics. 

Carl is talking about Clubhouse and its future. He says that Clubhouse is new and pioneer so it's reaping a lot of benefits as compared to other similar apps. But it’s not scalable to provide that much content, that is required on Clubhouse, daily to the audience. While talking about heated arguments in Clubhouse rooms, Carl says that try to understand the other person’s perspective and instead of getting into heated arguments, talk to people logically not emotionally.

Carl is explaining why you should use emotional intelligence when you are communicating with other people. He says that when you talk emotionally instead of logically then the weight of your argument automatically drops and you sound like an unintelligent person. So it’s better not to use your emotions in any argument.

Especially avoid emotional talk when you are with your CEO or any other person in authority over you. You cannot simply tell the CEO of the company that ‘Trust Me I am Right’. Saying ‘Trust Me’ won't change the perspective of other person, so instead of that provide them something solid so that they could trust you.

Carl is also explaining 'Deductive Reasoning' which is a type of emotional intelligence. He says that emotional intelligence goes hand in hand with deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning means coming to a logical conclusion with a limited set of facts. Deductive reasoning is basically a survival skill that you learn in survival mode moments of your life. It's good to learn this skill in survival mode but after learning this skill it's better to move out of survival mode. Because survival mode is not sustainable and you make bad choices in survival mode.  So, after learning this skill, move out from survival mode to a sustainable way of life and use this skill there.

Carl is also giving tips on parenting like setting up core values for your family, teaching kids self-defense, building trust with your kids, communicating with them, avoiding dictations and ‘do this, do that’ behavior, etc. Carl is also telling interesting and appreciable stories of his daughters regarding self-defense. 

Carl is also sharing his core values that he had set up for his family (2 daughters). He says that it is not possible to parent every action of your kids, so give them a baseline (core values) so that they compare their every action to that baseline before doing that. Carl says that he had set 3 core values for his family:

  1. We don’t say CAN’T
  2. We don’t QUIT

These are a few topics that Carl Eppolito is discussing. To learn in detail the core values of Carl Eppolito and other interesting topics, tune in and enjoy this amazing podcast till the end. 

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

Carl Eppolito is talking

  1. All about Clubhouse; future of Clubhouse, pros and cons of Clubhouse, different features of Clubhouse, Clubhouse versus other similar apps, importance of having different topic each time in the room, having heated arguments on Clubhouse, being emotionally intelligent while you are on Clubhouse, and how about spending so much time on Clubhouse?
  2. Value of doing live on social apps in improving one's speaking skills.
  3. Self-development.
  4. Why should you do one thing at a time?
  5. Importance of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and what’s the impact of talking emotionally versus logically?
  6. Forcing people to wear masks in Covid chaos. 
  7. Politics of the USA and why they are not abiding by the Covid SOPs that are for the public?
  8. Importance of teaching self-defense to kids.
  9. Importance of Parent-Child communication.
  10. Importance of building trust with your kids.
  11. Core values of Carl Eppolito’s family.
  12. Effective communication in business and relationships.
  13. Sales talk.
  14. Detailed review about the book: The Big Leap.
  15. What is deductive reasoning (explanation with example), and how you learn deductive reasoning?
  16. Healthy relationship after a toxic relationship.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of today’s guest, Carl Eppolito.

[00:37]- Will the Clubhouse stay or not?

[03:40]- Clubhouse versus fireside, Spotify, Greenroom.

[07:44]- Instagram integration feature on Clubhouse.

[09:05]- DM feature of Clubhouse.

[10:25]- Notion of self-development.

[11:36]- Having a different topic each time in the Clubhouse room.

[14:10]- Doing one thing at a time.

[14:54]- Improving speaking skills through doing live on social apps.

[16:08]- Spending so much time on Clubhouse.

[17:13]- Not listening to others' perspectives and heated arguments on Clubhouse.

[19:24]- Emotional intelligence. Talking logically versus emotionally. 

[21:25]- Wearing masks controversy.

[30:13]- Conversation regarding the country's politics.

[35:52]- Rules for the public but not for politicians.

[42:11]-Mistrust on information providers i.e. news channels.

[48:14]- Child abuse.

[50:33]- Core values of Carl Eppolito’s family.

[51:55]- Parent-Child communication.

[53:30]- Being prepared and learning self-defense.

[54:55]- Sales talk.

[56:11]- Teaching self-defense to kids.

[01:04:30]- Building trust with your kids.

[01:08:05]- Emotional intelligence.

[01:09:46]- What is deductive reasoning?

[01:11:11]- Example of deductive reasoning.

[01:14:20]- From survival mode to sustainable way of life.

[01:16:05]- Effective communication in business and relationships.

[01:18:19]- What to do if you want people to listen to you?

[01:19:50]- Healthy relationship after a toxic relationship.

[01:22:10]- Discussion about the book: The Big Leap.

[01:27:29]- Contact details of Carl Eppolito.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • Whenever your emotions will override your perspective or logic, you just never gonna sound (forget about winning the argument) intelligent enough to have the argument. –Carl Eppolito
  • Survival mode in life is not sustainable. –Carl Eppolito
  • No one thrives in chaos because chaos only creates chaos. –Carl Eppolito
  • The best attribute you ever learn in life you learn it in survival-mode moments of your life. –Carl Eppolito
  • Understanding how your communication is being received is one of the biggest keys in sales. –Carl Eppolito
  • If you want people to listen to you then make them feel heard when they share. –Carl Eppolito


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