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Feb 9, 2021

Guest Profile:

Emily Thomas; founder of Sundari Swim brand, entrepreneur, educator, and a business coach.

Today’s Episode Summary:

Have you ever realized the power of incorporating new habits in your life? Incorporating small but consistent habits –like, rising early, reading books, listening to a productive conversation, etc- may look like they are not creating any impact on your life instantaneously but they have a huge compound effect on your life. The truth is, these atomic habits have the power to change the course of your life and can lead you toward your goal; success.

To unlock your true potential you first need to understand yourself and ask yourself some hard questions – like, what you are good at, what it is that you want in your life, how you can be a better person, etc - and then you need to incorporate new habits that are in alignment with your goal.

The biggest hurdle - that anyone faces while inculcating new habits - is the whirlwind of "busy life”. For most people their new habits get lost in the whirlwind of day-to-day life but if you want to reach your goal you really need to prioritize what you need in life over the whirlwind.

Now comes the question, how can you develop long lasting habits? For that, you need to understand that consistency is the key. A consistent new habit breaks old patterns and changes neural pathways in your brain that shifts you dramatically. My guest Emily is suggesting that you should maintain a diary to write your goals, ambitions, and your habits to be consistent in your habits.

Emily Thomas herself helps entrepreneurs and other people to know their true selves and helps them to remove blockages in their lives that are holding them back to achieve their goals. She is an educator and works on the mindsets to unpack the true power of the people. Emily combined her ability to educate people with her swimwear business and now she is creating an impact on the lives of many people especially women.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

In today’s episode, you will learn how significantly new habits can change your life, how you can develop any new habit, how to break the illusion of “being busy” to create a new habit, and why developing new habits is super important for entrepreneurs. My guest Emily is also talking about the impact of deliberately incorporating new habits in her own life and how she is helping other people to unfold their true selves and achieve success.

Moreover, you will learn what is the role of intentions to achieve any goal, how to get out of any negative feeling and focus on goals, what is the role of visualization and affirmations in your success, what are some necessary questions that you must ask yourself to elevate yourself, and last but not the least how to get rid of two shackles: 1. Haunting memories of the past 2. Fear of the future.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of podcast and today’s guest.

[01:52]- “WHY” of Emily’s life.

[05:03]- Energetics of the intention.

[07:07]- Breaking the illusion of “being busy” and creating a new habit.

[10:11]- How to develop any new habit.

[14:57]- Developing new habits are super important especially for entrepreneurs.

[17:27]- A common trait among all successful entrepreneurs.

[18:20]- How to find the right habit for yourself?

[19:15]- The fastest way to get out of any negative feeling.

[20:57]- Reality of visualization explained here.

[22:17]- Filling holes in your soul can lead you toward your goal.

[25:14]- If you put out crappy energy, that’s what you are going to get.

[26:14]- Get rid of two shackles: 1. Haunting memories of the past 2. Fear of the future.

[29:15]- You cannot control anything except YOURSELF.

[30:52]- Ask yourself these necessary and hard questions to elevate yourself.

[32:05]- Contact detail of Emily Thomas.

[32:42]- What Emily does and how she helps entrepreneurs to unfold their true self.

[35:20]- Why Emily decided to be in the swimwear business. 

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • “A common thread among all successful entrepreneurs is that they worked on their minds, they worked on their thoughts, and they had the habits - they wake up really early, they priorities their day, they don’t say they are too busy in-fact they make time for what’s important, and most of the time they don’t work as hard as a lot of people think that they work because they have done such an incredible job of outsourcing and hiring.” -Emily Thomas
  • “Intention is the very first thing that you should look at when you are deciding to start a business or build a brand or whatever it is that you want to do. If your intention will be on the right side, the results will follow.” –Corey Berrier
  • “Manifestation does not mean you will get everything that you visualize. It may not come in the same form or shape as you visualized it, however, you got to have enough awareness to realize that when things do come your way that’s a by-product of your visualization or manifestation.” –Corey Berrier
  • “The moment that you stop projecting your opinions on people is the moment that you start feeling better.” -Emily Thomas
  • “No matter what you want, you always have the opportunity to get that.” -Emily Thomas
  • “If you put out crappy energy, that’s what you are going to get.” –Corey Berrier
  • "Everything is a lesson. The universe provides us many experiences to teach us and help us elevate and if we are paying attention we elevate faster, if not we don't." -Emily Thomas
  • “Being busy is not necessarily productive.” –Corey Berrier
  • “We all are trying to survive; we all are trying to understand what this game of life is all about.” -Emily Thomas


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