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Mar 23, 2021

Nina Aouilk; communicator, speaker, author, and life coach.

Today’s Episode Summary:

Today’s guest, Nina Aouilk, is the true definition of a strong woman. She was born in a family where gender-based discrimination was at its max. Her birth as a girl child was a stigma for her family so they kept abusing her physically, mentally, and even sexually. Not only in her childhood but abuse followed her throughout her life. At the age of 14, her drunk father along with his friends raped her in her own house. She was raped several times and ended up becoming pregnant at the age of 15. After the abortion, she tried to take her life considering it "not worth living" but she survived.

At the age of 16, she was forced into an arranged marriage with a boy who was the son of one of the men who raped her. After marriage, she fought for 4 years with her father-in-law who was constantly trying to rape her again. At the age of 21, she escaped back to her parent’s home thinking it was a good move to get away from an abusive life. But her family beat her up on her return, because in their culture “if you leave your marital home, you bring shame upon your family”. Her parents planned to kill her in the name of honor but she escaped from her home and saved her life.

After that, she started living with a person who offered her a place to live and ended up becoming pregnant with his child. The story of her abuse was not over yet. Her partner was also abusive and as a result of domestic violence, she lost her second child. Later on, she had 2 more kids and his partner kept abusing her and kept trying several times to murder her but she saved her life every time. She was not vocal about this abuse because she grew up seeing nothing but abuse and when you start your life from a point like that it becomes very hard to feel confident in your own being to stand against something like this. Anyhow, keeping the abusive environment in perspective, she sent her elder child to a boarding school while the younger one was staying with her. With the growing violence at home, her younger child attracted a disease due to depression and ended up becoming hospitalized. One day when her partner tried to kill her, by setting the whole house on fire, her elder son saved her life and they ran away from their home forever.

After ending 23 years of an abusive relationship, homeless, Nina struggled a lot to keep her children’s life going. She didn’t want to be hurt anymore and she didn’t want to give up. So, she did multiple cleaning jobs at a time and completely dedicated her life to make her children’s life better. With her belief that there is still something bigger and better out there and life will be better one day, she kept going with perseverance.

 Finally, she freed herself from limiting beliefs and achieved a good life for herself and her children. Now she is living her life on her own terms and with a purpose and a mission. She coaches other people to see meaning and purpose in their life. Her objective is to reach as many people as she can, who are feeling lost in life, to liberate them from shackles that are stopping them to be happy and successful in life.

Nina’s story is worth listening to. So, tune in and listen to the story of Nina in her own words in detail.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

In today’s episode, you will know the tragic life story of Nina Aouilk. You will learn the power of belief and perseverance from her story. You will learn that despite challenges if you will believe that your future is brighter than your past then you will make it happen through your perseverance.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of Nina Aouilk.

[01:31]- The core message of Nina’s life story.

[03:02]- Life story (part 1): Discriminated for being a girl child.

[07:00]- Life story (part 2): Gang-raped at the age of 14.

[10:47]- Life story (part 3): Forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 16.

[12:59]- How Nina looks at her tragic life story?

[13:56]- Life story (part 4): Escaped from sexual abuse and got stuck in "honor killing".

[17:50]- Life story (part 5):  Escaped from honor killing and got stuck in domestic violence.

[21:33]- Life story (part 6):  Impact of domestic violence on her children.

[24:18]- Life story (part 7): Escaped from a murder attempt, perpetrated by her abusive partner.

[27:45]- Life story (part 8): Homeless Nina and her children.

[35:49]- Life story (part 9): Nina’s happy life begins.

[41:22]- Message for those who don’t do anything regardless of their potential & resources.   

[45:54]- The way parents should deal with their kids. 

[47:09]- Final words on Nina’s story.

[50:04]- Contact details and self-help book of Nina Aouilk.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • “NEVER EVER GIVE UP; just find a way, make a choice, move, and do something but never give up on wanting to live a life that’s yours.” - Nina Aouilk


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