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Feb 16, 2021

Guest Profile:

Danielle Sabrina; founder of Tribe Builder Media, an award-winning boutique PR firm.

Today’s Episode Summary:

My today’s guest, Danielle Sabrina, is a female entrepreneur who started her career on Wall Street at the age of 19 – which made her the youngest trader in the industry- and now she is running her own agency. At the age of 19, she had 2 kids and pretty difficult life but her struggles made her cross all the hurdles and she achieved what most females business owners aspire to achieve.

If you also want to achieve a goal and want to achieve it quickly, then maybe this is the time that you divorce the myth of ‘achieving quick’. Success is not a quick trip, whether you like it or not but you have to go through a process to achieve it. Success is more like a ladder that you have to climb slowly and gradually and you cannot hasten because achieving faster is not always better.

Also, spirituality has a huge connection to achieving success. Spiritual practices - like meditation and affirmations - have the power to guide your thoughts at the time of chaos and help you to stay connected with your goal. Those who are aware of the power of manifestation and energy climb this ladder of success faster than those who don’t know.                         

If your goal is to grow a certain amount of money then figure-out the right MODEL that can generate that, and then give yourself time; just don’t hasten. If you stumble, communicate with someone but don’t suffer alone and also be authentic to yourself and with others. You may stumble many times in the process of success but you should be a man/woman enough to connect back to your purpose and keep claiming the ladder.

This is not it, there is a lot more to this episode. Listen to the podcast till the end.

What You Will Learn from this Episode:

In today’s episode, you will learn from Danielle: what you need to grow X amount of revenue, what is the connection of spirituality with success, why achieving faster is not always better, why to be authentic to yourself and with other people, and why you as a parent should give your kids free hand to decide for their life.

Moreover, Danielle is sharing her entrepreneurial journey; her life story and growth, being a 19-year-old mom, and how she came back to her purpose after stumbling in life. She is also talking about her kids, her parents, her childhood life, her height & tumbling experience, and her favorite books and favorite influencers.

The Episode Timeline:

[00:00]– Introduction of podcast and today’s guest.

[00:53]- Entrepreneurial journey story of Danielle.

 [14:23]- Achieving faster is not always better.

[17:42]- What you need to grow X amount of revenue?

[18:48]- Danielle talking about her life and growth; her kids, her height & tumbling story, etc.

[23:04]- Danielle talking about the connection of spirituality with her success.

[28:55]- Danielle's story of Stumbling in life and coming back to purpose.

[36:51]- Danielle talking about her parents, her childhood life, and a few parenting tips.

[43:43]- Danielle’s favorite book and what she is reading.

[46:45]- Who is Danielle's go-to influencer?

[51:04]- Being authentic to yourself and with other people.

[54:45]- How NLP helped Corey.

[57:29]- Last advice from Danielle.

Golden Nuggets from Episode:

  • “You do get a lot of freedom with being an entrepreneur and you do get a lot of benefits and perks.” -Corey Berrier
  • “Sometimes ‘more’ is not better. Sometimes ‘less’ is better.” -Corey Berrier
  • “If you need to grow revenue, then you need to figure-out the MODEL that generates that and then give yourself a year to do it.” -Danielle Sabrina
  • “Universe is involved with our success.” -Danielle Sabrina


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