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Jul 29, 2022

3 Reasons why you Need to Follow up with your Leads

How often do you follow up with your leads? 

Following up is not an option if you want to grow your business as a contractor. You have to ensure that you follow up on your leads on time. Once you have a lead, don’t wait for so long before you call them because if you delay, someone else will grab the business.

I know you must think, “what if I call a lead and find out someone else called before me?” Get it from me; you still need to follow up. There could be a chance that the person didn’t show up for the job, and you end up getting the chance. 

Once you have the job, go the extra mile. Make sure your client feel you are the one-stop shop for their solutions. For instance, tell them you can connect them with one if they need a solar person. With that, the client will never call anyone else, and you will be building relationships with other contractors.

Listen to this episode to learn more about following up with your leads.

Key Talking Points of the Episode: 

[00:57] As a contractor, you need to follow up

[03:14] Call your leads on time: Even if someone else calls the client before you, follow up

[05:26] Make sure your customer calls nobody else

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“As a contractor, it is super important for you to uncover all the problems while you’re there, so you can fix them.”

“Time is the only thing that’s on your side. If you don’t call that lead back immediately, you’re only going to have a chance to follow up.”

“If you’re the guy with all the contacts, they can call you for anything including what you did for them.”

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